Self Introduction

Hi, my name is


AI & ML Data Scientist


I develop and test the algorithm to ensure accuracy.


I write organized and easy-to-maintain source code.


I develop the algorithm quickly to allow rapid prototyping.

Technical Skills

Technical skills that I learned through my study


  • OOPs Concept
  • Web Development
  • Data Science
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Front End Development
  • Git Version Control


  • Pandas, Numpy, and Scikit-learn
  • Tensorflow
  • Computer Vision and Face Recognition
  • Natural Language Processing

Web Development

  • Flask Web Framework
  • Jinja 2 Templating Language
  • Docker DevOps
  • SQL Database
  • User Authentication
  • Test-driven Development

Data Science

  • Data Visualization
  • Data Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Statistic
  • Data Science Libraries

Front End

  • UI/UX Design
  • HTML, CSS, and JS
  • CSS and JS Frameworks
  • Responsive Design

Version Control

  • Git Commands
  • Version Control with GitHub

My Education

This is the list of my education formal or informal

Jan 2020 - Sep 2021

Artificial Intelligence


  • Learning Flask framework and Machine Learning
  • Learning programming languages
  • Contributing in the production studio

Sep 2018 - Dec 2019

Computer Science


  • Learning fundamental science
  • Learning fundamental programming languages
  • Working part-time

Transfer Reason: I want to focus more on Artificial Intelligence

Degree Objectives

I honed these skills through my study of AI

1. Integrating AI System

Develop, analyze and integrate artificial intelligence application and IoT systems. You can refer to two of my projects at Interial: Video Enhancing AI and Sora Chatbot AI.

Interial uses AI algorithm to generate an intermediate frame between two frames creating a video that flows smoother.

Sora Chatbot AI integrates latest DialogFlow NLP AI to a mobile app ensuring a great chatting experience.

2. Natural Language Processing Algorithm

Demonstrate skills to design and create natural language processing systems. The projects are available at Sora Chatbot AI and Project Writer.

Project Writer uses GPT-2 AI algorithm to generate a human readable essay of a certain topic of your choosing.

Sora Chatbot AI utilizes DialogFlow NLP AI to create a chatbot replies or messages imitating human interaction.

3. Best Practices

Demonstrate designing and creating machine learning systems using best practices and patterns. The projects that demonstrate this skills are available at Face Recognition and Stock Analytic Platform which is available at request.

Face Recognition is written with the latest PEP 8 Python programming convention as well as following the style guide of Flake8 Linter.

Stock Analytic Platform follows programming convention of PEP 8 for writing the python code and JS convention for writing the JS code. It also follows the best practice to integrate ML algorithm into a frontend framework like React.

4. Deep Learning & Big Data

Demonstrate new and original data in deep learning by consuming big data with original algorithms. These projects are available at Project Writer and Stock Analytic Platform (Private) which is available at request.

Project Writer uses an original scrapping and training algorithm based on GPT-2.

Stock Analytic Platform uses an original ML algorithm to gather the data from Yahoo Finance API, training the model, predicting the model and presenting the data.

5. Software Development

Demonstrate software development skills using more than one programming language, development environment, platform, and source control system. The demonstration of this skill is available at Interial: Video Enhancing AI and Portfolio Website.

Interial uses Flask Python framework for the backend and React JS as the frontend.

Portfolio is written in Flask Python and pure HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

6. Database

Describe, develop, analyze, integrate data structures, databases, and database management systems. These projects are available at Interial: Video Enhancing AI and Cuddlint: Tinder for Pet (Private) which is available at request.

Interial uses PostgreSQL to manage the user system that includes data storing algorithm in AWS S3.

Cuddlint uses PostgreSQL to manage several related database: User and Pet. To allow a simple relational management between these 2 tables.


I love projects since it's the best way to develop my skills quickly


Portfolio Website
  • The site was developed using Flask and Docker
  • The front end used Bootstrap 4 and JQuery
  • Test-driven development approach was used in development

ML Classification

  • The project used Scikit-learn to solve classification problem
  • The data was provided by Codecademy and OkCupid
  • The project was a capstone of Codecademy ML Course

Interial: Video Enhancing AI

  • The project used RIFE and FFMPEG for video processing
  • The backend is developed using Flask and Gunicorn
  • The frontend is developed using React JS
  • The project is built on top of Docker and deployed to AWS


BCA Gas Website
  • The site was developed using WordPress
  • Some of the customization is done using HTML and CSS
  • The site is tested and use many best security practices
  • The website is fully mobile responsive and tested with Google test

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